Be Wary of Cloudflare's Always Use HTTPS

Sep 27, 2017

2 mins read

Before I go any further, let me just say HUGE fan of Cloudflare‘s free level of stuff. They‘re a great bunch of people.

So I tried to come to this very blog to make a different post and what happened?
I get redirected to some shitty t-shirt site.
To clarify ‘ It was shitty in both website design and t-shirt design.


Why am I such a tit and not offsite backing up my blog? UGH , those 4 articles will be gone forever.

One of them was actually good.

I wasn‘t hacked

so like many people I have hooked up Cloudflare‘s free SSL/DNS/CDN network to a v cheap bit of hosting. I‘m hosted (or was at the time of writing for this blog) with Inmotion. They‘re ok. Their support tonight was excellent when I went all grumpy IT blogger on them. On their end, I only pay for http, not an ssl cert and https (see where this is going?)

On my Cloudflare panel, I turned on Always use HTTPs, trying to be all security conscious. OOOFT. bad move, Cotton.

See I share space with multiple people over at Inmotion. So when my website was trying to force https, Inmotion‘s back end went you don‘t have that, ya cheap bampot, let‘s just move to the next one on the list and KABOOM. I‘m in crappy t-shirt website, wondering what happened to my beautiful Purple and Grey site.
I really have a grudge for that site. Like it was their fault or something. But it wasn‘t.

It was Cloudflare‘s. Or Inmotion‘s. Or the sun was in my eyes.

I am blameless.

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