Yet Another New Blog

Apr 27, 2018

2 mins read

Honestly it’s like I’m addicted

So, I’ve been through a few blogging formats at this point.

Here’s my thoughts on all the one’s I’ve tried in short order. I’ll put links to ones I favour and you can google the other ones.

Wordpress - easy, reliable, fat bloated security hole ridden garbage. The McDonalds of blogging platforms. Yeah you’re everywhere, but you’re scum and you know it. Loads of WYSIWIG editors and support all over though. I had like 4 and then felt shame.

Ghost - seemed not bad. Wordpress lite. Still used a database to store everything. Wasn’t convinced it was secure. When they updated to v2.0 they made it so it was a pile of hard work to convert it over. I mean… if I’m going to practically build a new blog.. might as well sniff around.

Gatsbyjs - Static site generator sounded sexy. No database for people to hack. Not much chance of security holes. Faster, Stronger, Better. BUT, I couldn’t get a workflow that worked with Azure. There will be one, I’m clearly just trash.

MiniCore.Blog - This is a really nice setup and I was enjoying it and learning some .net core. Unfortunately, it doesn’t use markdown which meant I was quite limited in options of writing blog posts for it. For many this won’t be a big deal but for me it was a deal breaker. I may return if I ever get good enough at c# to make it do the stuff I wanted to do.

Jekyll - The latest and greatest!, it’s like Gatsby’s dad. It’s a static site generator, meaning I need to figure out how to do some site stuff. I stole a theme from someone much more learned in this area and it’s what you’re reading this on now. Bonus - there was easy Azure instructions too. I’ll make a follow up post about how to the same thing once I’ve fine tuned this badboy.

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